Gang Stalking is “The BIG Lie.”


Big lie - a big lie is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so ‘colossal’ that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously." -Wikipedia


Draft idea to be written and applicable:



Absurd? This is the truth and society at large is being lied to.


Tactic #0 – warrantless and illegal technological surveillance. The precise physical location as to where this criminal organization conducts its surveillance is completely unknown to me. I’ve seen more than enough technological hocus pocus in person in a broad enough geographic range to once again suggest satellite technology is being used for active (vs. passive) surveillance. Electronic surveillance is the underlying technology that enables their operations.


Tactic #(1,y) – lights; are vandalized to any pattern other than normal functioning. Examples of these malfunctions include: (i) lights that don’t turn off at all during the day ; (ii) lights that don’t turn on at all in the evening; (iii) one light that always stays on adjacent to one light that doesn’t ever turn off; (iv) strobing lights; (v) lights on a timer that miss sunrise and / or sunset by too many hours e.g. that come on well after the sun goes down and / or don’t turn off well after the sun comes up. Any other combination I might have missed in the above list that isn’t normal operation [Originally coded as 001-005]. A gross number of these malfunctions are typically found outside my home, outside my place of business, in my surrounding neighborhood, spotted on usual travel routes, etc. Enough of these malfunctions are present that they’re very noticeable and intended to harass a target. This type of harassment / vandalism has been repeated “ad nauseum” since 2007 and documented in 4 or more U.S. States (reference this and previous CD’s sent in to your office). Note: this would also include brownouts and blackouts at my home, place of business, etc. One final note: if there are not lights present in the target’s environment (e.g. street lights) the gang stalkers will have them installed. I’ve already told the CEO (PAUL CAUDILL) of the local energy company (NV ENERGY) to go fuck himself. What more can I do? ;-) Maybe you might mention RELIANT ENERGY was the “original gang stalking company” for this tactic.


Tactic #2 (2,y) – email, postal mail, and text messages; [Originally coded as 006]. various outgoing emails are blocked when I push the send button in Apple Mail; mail gets sent in Apple Mail but doesn’t get delivered (no delivery failure notification is ever returned); random spam emails and texts (this includes postal mail); subscribe me to mailing lists I’ve never subscribed to (one tries to unsubscribe from the mailing lists and it won’t work – the junk email keeps coming); they hack mail servers and send me junk email from my past business associates *years* after I no longer have any contact with those associates; they censor email subscriptions (that I myself have subscribed to) from being delivered intermittently; they unsubscribe me from email lists I have subscribed to (permanent non-delivery); and the criminals move legitimate email communications (sometimes personal) to my junk email folder. And any other combination I might have missed in the above list that isn’t normal operation such as I delete an email in my inbox it comes back. Etc., etc. These criminal acts are repeated “ad nauseum.” Now going on *12 years*.


Tactic #3 – (3,y) – Vehicle computer [Originally coded as 008 and 009] (included a 2012 factory new “Car A” and presently a 2017 factory new “Car B.”). “Car A” repeated “ad nauseum” for years (including in multiple states) the computer told the driver over and over the gas cap was not on tight enough and over and over that the tire pressure was too low. Car manufacturer diagnosed both alleged problems multiple times – bogus every time. Tire Company diagnosed the problems – bogus. I diagnosed the problems – bogus. The vehicle’s battery … Location X, the car battery goes completely dead (2014 - in under 3 years). It’s replaced. Spring 2017, I’m driving home from a trip from one state back to my home state [in the middle of fucking nowehere] – battery goes dead out of state. Car manufacturer replaces it – it’s still under warranty. Note: on the last day I owned “Car A”, driving it in to the dealership for trade in … another car computer error pops up. Car B – in short, Car B’s driving assist technologies have been accessed by a remote 3rd party (multiple times) while I was driving the vehicle. An example of this was driving on a very remote highway; every driver assist technology was essentially shut down by a remote 3rd party on clear blue sky day (can’t blame the weather). I’ve had my car doors lock me out without using the remote on both vehicles multiple times. BTW, “Car Play” doesn’t seem to connect / work very well on the Car B  just like an iPOD had a lot of problems on the Car A. I don’t believe Apple or the car manufacturer is to blame.


Tactic #4 – (4,y) – Computer and Internet Operating Systems - mac OS and IOS [originally coded as 010 and 011] - Here is a sample of of about 50 mac OS and iOS error messages. Some are better than others and I’ll get back to explaining / writing what took place on some of the more less obvious images. Is a cyberattack against my person taking place? Suffice to say that would be a resounding “yes.” Repeated ad naseum? Roflmao!!! To be continued …


Work in progress note: All of these tactics are used on and off on a daily basis – all of which are repeated ad naseum. The criminals / gang stalkers scramble the combination of these tactics on a daily basis so a clear methodology is very difficult to recognize. Tuesday, It’s maybe 2 prank calls, 4 tactic x’s, 2 tactic y,’s a tactic z etc. Wednesday it’s a different combination of the tactics. The variation hides the hideous and incessant nature of the crime(s): 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. [HOW MANY TIMES A DAY IS IT SOMETHING? TOO MANY]. Repeat ad naseum is not only a means for gang stalkers - it’s an ends. “This fallacy is also called argumentum ad infinitum (to infinity), and argument from repetition.” - Wikipedia


I never really considered gang stalkers very intelligent much less original. Compare the above strategy to very *funny* 1993 film:


<<explore the concept of a plot device known as a ‘time loop’ | spacetime as in physics >>




Hypothesis: after closer examination one will find every behavior of theirs will be clearly *out of place* and *out of time.”


On a more serious note, compare the above strategy to Chinese Water Torture.


<<”torture” leads to the term “Zersetzung”>>


Tactic # q – (aka Code 19). Detection has been quoted at 11,000 U.S. dollars. May get it – may not. Getting ready for the 50 cent solution to prove the “Health Attacks.”


Work in progress note: not one word of intelligible English has been uttered by the criminals / gang stalkers to me since they began in 2006. One way conversation.”


BTW, don’t’ forget to mention under Street Theatre (Code 22) the place of origin in 2006 …